Whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO or just a guy or gal launching a new business, EVERYONE needs support, and NO ONE can succeed without it. 

You see, along the way you're going to get stuck. You're going to be perplexed, and you're going to feel like quitting.

You'll be faced with questions like, "How do I market my product or service?" "How do I build a business on a budget?" "How do I build my team so that everyone is on the same page?" "How do I get a mental breakthrough to keep going?" These questions are NORMAL.

What is UNCOMMON is having the self-awareness to realize you need help.

And many do not know that they need help until it's too late.

This certainly contributes to the statistic that around 50% of all businesses fail by year 5. 

As a client, you will be in the driver's seat of the this relationship. This means that I am here to collaborate with your vision.


You can expect:


-Ongoing support, encouragement and accountability.

-The space to flesh out new ideas and nix bad ones.

-The setting of targeted goals and realistic expectations.

-Additional resources and ideas that will aid you in any area you are deficient. 

I promise to show up as powerfully as I can to serve your vision. 

My job is not to say what you want to hear, but what will bring the greatest transformation in each conversation.

You will have the space to break through mental blocks, develop clear action steps, discover your leadership style, and  

I can also promise that within the time frame of each session, you will receive life changing insights. Whether or not they transform your life and business will depend on the action steps you take after we are done. 

Why hire a coach?

my promise to you...

What can you expect from a coaching relationship?



Joe Giuffrida is a certified leadership and life coach. He's spent the last 15 years supporting and helping build the work of visionaries all over the U.S. 

He's coached athletes, musicians, writers, fine artists, building contractors, network marketers, pastors, small business owners, and non-profit organizations.

Along with wife Staci and son Jude, Joe currently lives in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida.



Lyn Eichmann, Director of Training at Lifeforming Leadership Institute

I truly enjoy Joe’s coaching style and recommend him if you are serious about your future. Joe is genuinely excited about the success of people and organizations. He enjoys the adventure of discovery with his clients and that makes for some really powerful conversations! Joe's intuitive listening and adventurous heart create an atmosphere of strategic possibility where you will reach higher and develop yourself personally or professionally. Maybe both!

Antonio Sims, Senior Pastor of True Worship Church

I've had the pleasure of being coached by Joe and it was a truly amazing experience. I was able to discover so many things about myself going through the process which has benefited me emotionally, spiritually and professionally.   I would definitely encourage anyone to go through the coaching process with Mr. Giuffrida because the experience could be life changing.

Alexander Porro, Contracting & Remodels

Joe has been instrumental in helping me unlock my

potential. I had a dream and vision and with some coaching and practical assistance from Joe I've been able to make a plan, process through, and turn out what I have always dreamed of being able to put on paper. Joe has a process and a coaching style like none other, I truly can't thank him enough, I highly recommend his services! 



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